Global Universal Catalog

Makes your sourcing more efficient

  • China-itrade provides product catalogs in world-ready form, and it is the first product source for the global buyers. It follows international standards and is user-defined. It collects data of global products and trade.

  • This is a platform where buyers and sellers in B2B environment interact with the product catalogs. It deals with data conversions among product descriptions with seamless interface, in order to meet the desired display requirements by both parties, which makes the order completion more directly and easily.

Smart Push Service

No Need To Search,We Push

  • In the traditional B2B Purchase, it is time-consuming and difficult to locate the right suppliers. China-itrade applies intelligent pushing service to replace the inefficient traditional search model.

  • It provides quick suppliers match, and detailed quotations. Save your search, We Push. All of your product catalogs will be listed in the global supply chains easily and available to your targeted customers and potential partners.

Credit Upgrade System

Trust,Make everything simple

  • Certified by global business organizations and recognized by users, China-iTrade International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) aims to provide enterprise facts, and issues the certificate of the Internationally Trusted Supplier (ITS), which meets the requirements of international buyers.

  • ITS will effectively improve the trustworthiness of the Chinese exporters, and ensure credibility of business information such as the business situation, product information, export records, production and R & D capabilities, qualifications and honors and others.

Electronic Document Processor

Data directly, quickly and efficiently

  • The EDI system provided by China-iTrade is an “engine” and platform that generates, verifies and processes electronic data. It is a data conversion platform developed on the basis of years of data interchange experiences.

  • The combination of the EDI electronic data interchange system and the zForm trade bill processing tool, significantly reduces the heavy work in the existing trade pattern, and helps you get information quickly and accurately; it saves time, improves work efficiency and quality, and reduces operating costs. Finally it actualizes the electronic and automatic trade.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Intelligent collaboration solutions start here

  • The procurement collaboration provided by China-iTrade is based on the optimization of the trade process.

  • With the integrated procurement control management as its core, it is a highly intelligent procurement solution integrating purchase, storage, sales, finance and corporate decision-making analysis; and it is an efficient tool to enhance the management of the front end of the supply chain for trade and production enterprise.

Professional Service Team

A five-star etrade service

  • We have a wealth of experience in international procurement team of experts to support your procurement operations in china, as well as one-on-one customer Commissioner to provide you with all aspects of the service.

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